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What Do Lawyers Do When They Know Their Client is Guilty?

As a defense attorney, you may be wondering, “What do lawyers do when they know their client is guilt?” Often, they advise their clients on case strategy, and the role of the defense attorney is to discredit the client’s guilt. Here are some possible scenarios. Let’s say your client is selling drugs and a public defender has been appointed to represent him. The public defender will have to provide aggressive legal defense. In some cases, the lawyer and client can decide to acknowledge guilt or seek leniency in some cases.

Another common mistake that many attorneys make is assuming their client is guilty. They assume guilt because it helps them evaluate the case. If they think the client is innocent, they might miss a compelling argument. Luckily, attorneys are required to keep lawyer-client confidentiality. In America, the prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This high standard is not contrary to the principle of “letting the guilty go free.”

Another mistake defense lawyers make is assuming that their client is guilty. In reality, a good lawyer will not ask the client whether they committed the crime. The defense lawyer will use the facts to defend their client and leave the question of guilt to the judge. In such a case, the attorney is best suited to argue that the client is innocent. If a client is guilty, the attorney should focus on the facts of the case instead of his client’s guilt.

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