Types Of Electrical Sockets

Appliances can be wired into the alternating current (AC) grid using main sockets and plugs. They find use in residential and commercial settings. A wide variety of pins and power outlets are available. Various electrical sockets and plugs are open, each with unique requirements for voltage, current rating, mounting method, size, and kind of connector.

Also, keep in mind that there is no universal benchmark. Instead, numerous countries have their unique variations of plugs and sockets. The socket is the vital link in the chain that carries electricity to your gadgets and tools. Even though the physical appearance of sockets varies from region to country, their operation is universal.

Finding 2-pin, 3 pin socket, and 5-pin sockets in residential and commercial buildings is common. Sockets vary in shape and the amount of current they can carry, known as their voltage capability. The rated current for the three-prong plug is 6A, and the rated voltage is 250V.

Two-Pin Sockets:

These sockets have two protracted connecting slots, allowing for an ungrounded electrical connection.

Three-Pin Sockets:

An electrical plug with three metal protrusions (called pins) for inserting into a socket is a 3 pin socket. A ground pin is included in this electrical socket model for extra safety against shock caused by faulty wiring.

Five-Pin Socket:

It combines the two-pin and three-pin sockets into a single device.Plugs from the United States, Europe, and elsewhere can all be utilized with international sockets because of their multiple pin holes.

Communication Modules

In addition to the main power supply, there are many other types of data connection modules.

Telephone Socket:

The phone jack, also known as an RJ11 jack, allows you to run phone lines alongside electrical ones.

Data Socket:

Data ports enable networking throughout your house or office, making LAN features possible, and are becoming increasingly widespread as Broadband and High-speed internet become more widely available. RJ45 Jack is the standard name for this plug type.

Usb Socket:

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification has become the de facto cable for linking computers and mobile devices. Many popular appliance manufacturers now provide modular USB ports to make charging and data transfers easier.

Tv Plug:

TV sockets are similar to phone and data jacks in that they allow cable or satellite TV signals to be transmitted via the wall and into a TV set.

Car Charger Socket:

A car charger socket is a small adaptor that may be plugged into the car’s accessory port to supply power to electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. The ANSI/SAE J563 standard governs Legrand & Legrand Eshop’s plugs and sockets.


The power outlets make it simple to plug in and unplug electronics without risk. They are more reasonably priced than similar wires and cables. They serve as a safety switch for electrical equipment. They have a variety of plugs that allow both data and voice transmission to be networked. The types of power outlets presented here are now complete. Meanwhile, the Legrand & Legrand Eshop is the place for all your electrical needs.

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