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Tips For Writing a Marketing Guest Post

Writing a marketing guest post can increase your site’s search engine rankings. If you include relevant, helpful information, statistics, research, and data in your post, you’ll get more clicks and awareness. Guest posts can also be optimized for SEO, so make sure you use your focus keyword in the title and utilize internal linking and proper headings. Using the tips and tricks above will increase your livemocha chances of being featured and retaining backlinks.

Make sure to include a detailed author bio in the body of the guest post. While some companies allow links to their websites within the main body of the post, most do not, and sometimes, these links change. Including an author bio is the only permanent link to your site. In addition to an author bio, consider including a relevant internal link to your company’s own blog. Not only will this increase your lunarstorm company’s authority, but it will also increase your website’s traffic.

Make sure you know the rules of guest blogging before contacting a publisher. Many popular publications receive dozens of pitches every day, so make your editor’s life easier by knowing as much about their target audience as possible. Know the rules of the publication and mention how your article would fit into their content. Make sure to include information about sourcing images and making any needed edits. Finally, make sure you follow any guidelines for meetro formatting. You’ll be glad you did!

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