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The Negative Effects of Skin Care Products on Our Body

While alcohol is a safe ingredient in most skin care products, alcohol can have some negative effects. Alcohol makes the skin too dry and can damage its protective barrier. Ultimately, alcohols can damage the skin’s barrier, causing long-term damage. Listed below are some of the most common alcohol-based skin care products and what to avoid in them. To help you make the right choice, read the ingredients label carefully.

Many of the chemicals found in skin care products mimic hormones and can disrupt reproductive systems. Phthalates, for example, mimic estrogen and can cause breast cancer in women. Phthalates, another plasticizing chemical, are known reproductive toxins. They can also cause developmental problems. These chemicals should not be used on your skin without consulting a doctor. Instead, it is best to stick with natural cosmetics. While the PCPC supports reforms, it is not a vocal opponent of the Personal Care Products Safety Act. It believes well-crafted reforms will boost consumer confidence and enable industry innovation.

Studies have shown that individuals who used deodorant or other common personal care products had lower levels of molecular diversity. Interestingly, participants who used common beauty products had more bacterial diversity on their arms and faces compared to those who did not. When they switched back to their regular routine, the molecular diversity remained unchanged, indicating a long-term effect of personal care products on skin chemistry. The negative effects of skin care products on our bodies have far-reaching consequences and are more serious than we might think.

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