Green Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

A new era in business has arrived: the age of green entrepreneurship. As consumers grow increasingly concerned about the environment, so does the need for socially responsible businesses. The term green entrepreneurship refers to a new generation of entrepreneurs who create green products. Sustainable development and developing green markets are closely linked, but the connection between green entrepreneurship and sustainable development has not yet been fully explored. While a large number of green businesses are emerging across the globe, it is still difficult to determine how they will affect sustainable development.

Green entrepreneurship refers to the way in which businesses respond to environmental and social problems, and they are committed to finding immediate solutions for these issues. These entrepreneurs also seek to anticipate new business shifts toward a more sustainable economy. Listed below are 39 green entrepreneurship ideas. These products are useful for a variety of purposes. For example, they may help consumers improve their health by reducing their carbon footprint. A green garden may be a great way to feed people, and a legal service that protects the environment can help hold companies accountable for environmental violations.

This study has several implications for future studies. First, it contributes to the growing body of research on green entrepreneurship. While previous studies have discussed green entrepreneurial intention with structural equation methods, the fsQCA method eliminates correlation and replaces independent variables with conditional configurations. Further, it enriches the theoretical scope of future self-continuity. Current research focuses on the effects of saving and consumption behaviors on future self-continuity, intertemporal choice, and health research

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